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English Medium Online courses are now free and affordable in Bangladesh. In recent times, English medium education in Bangladesh has became a financial burden due to soaring fees. Cost of schooling in Dhaka ranges from BDT. 30,000 to BDT 120,000 per month, more than the average monthly earning of individuals (currently BDT 26,000 as of writing). This raises an essential question : How can we expect the citizens from our country to pursue education in a globally accepted standard like IGCSE and IAL when affordability becomes the main challenge? 


It reached to a point where schools are focusing more on profits than the growth of the students. They prolong the duration of studies unnecessarily. Schools are taking 3/4 years of time to finish the studies which could be easily done within 2 years with perfection. Should education, one of the most important part of human growth, be this expensive where it gets beyond the reach of an average individual? Even the English medium online coaching centers are too expensive for regular people.


I, Mohammad Ismail – founder of OTO, come from a middle class family where financial constraints were a constant worry. Growing up with an older brother studying in the English medium, my father would face intense stress every month while figuring out how to manage the fees. Registration and admission periods became anxiety inducing as we had no choice but to reply on loans from our family or relatives. This struggle is relatable to a countless families who bear the heavy financial burden of their children’s English medium education.


When we ask families with children studying in English medium about what their most significant financial stress is, the most common answer is education. Personal growth and self development is the one of the most important aspect of life, will it be something which not every eager people get access to? As a developing nation, how can we progress if we set the bar for growth impossibly high? If we deny regular people access to global standards, how can we expect our nation to thrive on the global stage? From English Medium Schools to English Medium Online Coaching Centers, the fees required is out of regular citizen’s reach of our country.

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Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, I was introduced to online learning. It turned out to be an unexpected blessing. I had outstanding teachers who were so professionals, they effortlessly adapted to the new format of online coaching while maintaining their professionalism and dedication to teaching. Even all the parents were tensed about how English medium online classes would be possible, but our teachers left no reason for them to complain by showing their dedications. 


One of the remarkable advantages of online learning was the convenience it brought. No hassle of struggling with transportation. No stress of waking up early to catch the bus and no waste of money for transportation. I no longer had to endure the exhaustion caused by the burden of carrying heavy bags. The virtual classroom became my haven. It was very comfortable and stress.


Online learning opened up so much possibilities for me. I discovered the freedom to engage with studies at my own pace and found so much resources from the comfort of my home. Being flexible to schedule my routine allowed to reach my full potential and optimize my learning and also allocate time for personal growth. The digital realm truly transformed education into an accessible and empowering experience. As we navigated the challenges of the lockdown, online learning has proven to be more than just a temporary solution. It became such a powerful tool for expanding educational opportunities, breaking barriers of distance and time. 

In the English medium community, the majority of students have parents who completed their education in Bangla medium. This presents a challenge for parents in understanding the English medium syllabus and finding suitable teachers or schools for their children. At our English medium online academy, we offer free courses to allow students to explore our teaching approach and determine their comfort level before embarking on their academic journey with us. Our aim is to provide a supportive platform in the field o English medium online coaching where students can thrive and achieve academic success.

The core vision behind Olpo Te Onek is to provide equal access to English medium online education for all aspiring learners. We understand the aspirations of numerous talented individuals, including my own cousins, who yearn to pursue globally recognized qualifications such as IGCSE and IAL. Our mission is to break down financial barriers and ensure that education is no longer an unattainable dream for hardworking middle-class families. 


In a nation where wealth disparities persist, we strive to make education affordable and liberate families from the burdensome cost of their children’s education. We believe to make a revolution by being the first English Medium Online Courses Academy. And having no practical work or experiments to be done in front, English medium online courses are more than enough to help students ace their IGCSE and IAL exams.


At Olpo Te Onek, our commitment is to provide comprehensive education that caters to students’ needs from the fundamental concepts to advanced levels, ensuring thorough preparation for IGCSE and IAL exams. Our courses are designed to benefit students from English medium and also from Bengali medium and English Version backgrounds, enabling them to excel in their respective examinations. Together, let us build a resilient community that challenges the profit-driven institutions that burden families with exorbitant education costs. By joining hands, we will unleash our full potential and achieve academic excellence without sacrificing our hard-earned resources.



We are proud to announce that Olpo Te Onek is the first English medium online academy providing free and affordable courses and all the other resources required to acquire academic success. Join us soon to master your potentials and to fulfil your academic ambitions.

– Mohammad Ismail, Founder and Instructor @ Olpo Te Onek

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